La Punta OST CD is out.

La Punta (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is out!

Here we are! Let’s inaugurate my new blog with a good news!

The soundtrack of the short film “La Punta” is finally coming to iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and hundreds of online stores and streaming services!

listen for free on Spotify!

From tomorrow me and the director, Ricky Re, we will be present at the Cannes Film Festival until May 21, 2016, where the film will be presented at the “Short Film Corner”.

For those who want to know something more about the project here is an article published by “La Gazzetta di Parma” (in Italian).

La Punta Gazzetta di Parma

Thanks to all of you who have supported us during the making of this adventure!

Thanks to Ricky Re for having proposed this beautiful collaboration.

A special thanks goes to Paola Zanichelli, Alessandro Marai, Isotta Barbieri, Ilia Aramayo, Francesco de Mattia, Ritarosa Giusti, Mariaconcetta Acconcia, Ilaria Poldi, Federico Valla, Alessandro Rastelli, Cesare Pastarini, Sara Mezzi, Cristian Ferretti, Emanuele Arletti, Francesco Melani e Giuseppe Castagnetti.

Good listening and please… let me know what you think!