HW-HarmonEQ-1 is a powerful single band filter that stands out for being able to be actually played with notes as a musical instrument, while also giving you full control over the individual harmonic frequencies of your sound.

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This Max for Live device has been designed in Max 8 for Ableton Live 10 Suite.
Requires HW-MIDIsender in order to receive MIDI notes.

Meet the middle way between a filter and a synthesizer.

Let emerge music from any sound

With HW-HarmonEQ-1, like many equalizers, you'll have the ability to choose between various filter types, including lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop, lowshelf, highshelf and many others.
One of its strengths, however, lies in the fact that you will be able to enhance or dim relative resonances up to the tenth harmonic partial, with selectable sharpness, in an incredible musical way.

Use it to subtly reshape the tone of your sounds, easily equalize your synths based on the key of your song, let a melodic synthesizer emerge from a noisy loop or easily get extreme creative resonant and harmonic madness before your favorite distortion effect.

Play it like a MIDI instrument

HW-HarmonEQ-1 is compatible with HW-MIDIsender (not included but highly recommended), becoming in fact a device capable of receiving monophonic MIDI messages from any MIDI track. The received MIDI notes will control the main equalizer frequency and all its relative harmonics in real time eliminating the difference between an effect and an actual instrument.

Extreme mixing control, unlimited Creativity

Follow the notes of your melodies to deeply reshape their tone, play harmonically complex patterns on your drums for unimaginable sounds and musical growls, let melodical synths emerge from noisy loops, dinamically pump the right frequencies of your bass line for massive subs.


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