HW-PoliDrive is an overpowered trhee bands distortion unit designed for extreme sound destruction. Finally, you’ll create the heaviest sounds with dynamic control and MIDI triggered envelopes with ease, in seconds.

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This Max for Live device has been designed in Max 8 for Ableton Live 10 Suite.
Requires HW-MIDIsender in order to receive MIDI notes.

Your secret weapon for limitless distortion and extreme Hardcore kicks in a few clicks.

Transform any sound into a beast

HW-PoliDrive is a three-bands Max for Live distortion effect. Filter and distort your sound three times in parallel, then mix the results and add even more saturation and PHATNESSS!!!!!11!!1! You can also decide how much dynamics to keep from the original sound, regardless of the amount of distortion, in order to always have a well-defined attack and cool dynamic sounds.

This is your definitive tool for intuitive heavy Hardcore, Industrial and Up-Tempo bassdrums, or even your most aggressive synths and guitars.

Trigger envelopes with MIDI

HW-PoliDrive is compatible with HW-MIDIsender (not included but highly recommended). Receiving MIDI notes you'll have extreme control over your sound. In fact, each band has its own MIDI triggered envelope, to manage the dynamics of your sound in the definitive way and create even more complex dynamics all inside one single audio effect in Ableton Live.


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